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What is Keyword Search Campaign?

In Keyword Search campaigns, User will redirect to a landing page and give the users keywords they are supposed to use for a Google Play search. The user will search in Google Play with that targeted keyword and find your app in the search results to install it.

This will improve the keyword relevance of the app and boost your keyword ranking as well i.e your app will appear at the Top position eventually on the search result page for the targeted keyword.

 Keyword Search campaigns campaigns are recommended for those who want to rank your app higher for a targeted keyword

Types of Keyword Search Campaigns:-

Campaign Type ConversionTrackingAvailability
CPI - Search (Standard)Search + Install + OpenStandardAndroid, iOS
CPI - Search (High Retention)Search + Install + Open + Keep for-3 DaysStandardAndroid

Requirements for Keyword Search Campaigns:- Make sure the app is within the first 100 search results for each keyword set and targeted country.

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