CPA (Cost per Action) Campaign


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What is CPA (Cost per Action) Campaign? 

CPA campaigns require the user to trigger an event by completing a certain action. The action must be free and must not take longer than 5 minutes.

Otherwise, contact your account manager before creating a campaign.

CPA (Cost per Action) campaigns are recommended for those who Looking for custom Action or Event to be completed by the user such as Create an Account, Earn 500 Coins, Reach 100 Scores ...etc.

Types of CPA (Cost per Action) Campaigns:-

Campaign Type ConversionTrackingAvailability
CPA - StandardInstall + Open + Action/EventRequiredAndroid, iOS
CPA - Managed (High Volume)Install + Open + Action/Event (High Volume)RequiredAndroid, iOS

Requirements for CPA (Cost per Action) Campaigns:-

  • Tracking SDK with Event Conversion Tracking
  • Event Name (CPA Configuration) i.e the name of the configured event which triggers a conversion.
  • Event Description (CPA Conversion Flow) i.e the description of the conversion flow for the user in english as specific as possible.
e.g: Install > Open > Register (Email, Google) > Earn 100 Coins

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