Why most Users Uninstall my App after a Short Time?


Last Update 2 yıl önce

We offer incentivized installs. This means that users are rewarded for installing and running your app at least once.

Our service is mainly targeted at improving your Play Store rankings and keyword rankings to have a bigger exposure and attract more users who install your app organically.

Our past experiences have shown that the actual engagement rate is between 5% and 15%, depending on several factors:

  • Casual games lead to higher engagement than specialized games or apps with a smaller target audience

  • Apps below 5MB in size have a significantly higher chance of getting better retention and engagement

  • App quality is a key factor: The more polished your app is, the more likely users are to actually use it

Important: Even if your number of uninstalls is high, it has a negligible influence on your Top New Free rankings (if at all) and doesn't have a significant influence on your later Top Free ranking if you get a least some additional organic installs.

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