The download numbers from Google Play don't match


Last Update 3 jaar geleden

There are a few reasons why you may not see all installs reflected in your dashboard:

1. The Google Play dashboard is about 2-3 calendar days behind and hasn't updated yet.

2. We track unique device installs, not user installs since it's technically impossible and legally not allowed to track and record individual users. Those two numbers are usually close but may differ slightly (check your Google Play to compare those numbers).

3. Different reporting timezones: You can set the reporting timezone in your Google Play account yourself. Our servers and reports are running on UTC, so depending on the timezone you chose in Google Play, your installs can be shifted by +1 or -1 day.

4. Fraud: We're constantly working hard to reduce fraud and keep it under 3%. We try to deliver at least 970 real installs per 1000 install campaign you run, but especially for small numbers (low volume campaigns) they can slightly exceed 3%

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